Smartle Privacy Policy

10 Jul 2023

Smartle may collect personal information exclusively to deliver the best experience to the players and only with their explicit consent. None of the data collected by Smartle is used for tracking purposes. Below you can find all the data we may collect, the reasons why we do it and instructions how to delete your data.

Necessary tools

Smartle uses the following tools as an integral part. When you play the game, you acknowledge and agree to the use of these tools and the technologies that are necessary for their work, such as cookies and Local Storage. Below you can find the end user data collection performed by the tools and its retention policy. You can request the deletion of persistent data, such as your Google user account, by sending an email with such request to

Firebase Hosting

Collected data: IP addresses

How it helps: Hosting uses IP addresses of incoming requests to detect abuse and provide customers with detailed analysis of usage data.

Retention: Hosting retains IP data for a few months.

Cloud Functions for Firebase

Collected data: IP addresses

How it helps: Cloud Functions uses IP addresses to execute event-handling functions and HTTP functions based on end-user actions.

Retention: Cloud functions only saves IP addresses temporarily, to provide the service.

Firebase Realtime Database

Collected data: IP addresses, User agents

How it helps: Realtime Database uses IP addresses and user agents to enable the profiler tool, which helps Firebase customers understand usage trends and platform breakdowns.

Retention: Realtime Database keeps IP addresses and user agent information for a few days, unless a customer chooses to save it for longer.

Firebase Authentication

Collected data: Passwords, Email addresses, Phone numbers, User agents, IP addresses

How it helps: Firebase Authentication uses the data to enable end-user authentication, and facilitate end-user account management. It also uses user-agent strings and IP addresses to provide added security and prevent abuse during sign-up and authentication.

Retention: Firebase Authentication keeps logged IP addresses for a few weeks. It retains other authentication information until the Firebase customer initiates deletion of the associated user, after which data is removed from live and backup systems within 180 days.


Analytics tools

We use Google Analytics for Firebase to collect this information, therefore Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Google Analytics uses browser cookies. You can find more information about how Google uses cookies in this article - How Google uses cookies. How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services

Smartle configured Google Analytics to minimize the exposed user data and limit its usage by Google and its partners. For example, we disabled the use of advertising identifiers.

Questions & suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions please send us an email to