Smartle is a unique word puzzle game that will challenge your language skills and exercise your brain in a fun way.

If you are looking for free word games for Android, iOS or Web, Smartle would be a perfect daily word puzzle for you.

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How to play Smartle

The setup

Every day you will be given a unique set of 25 letters. These letters will be arranged in a 5 by 5 grid. This mix of letters is the initial setup of your daily word puzzle.

The goal

Smartle is a word search game where players rearrange letters to form a word. The game is solved when you build a valid 5-letter word in each horizontal row. Any valid words will work, so there are many possible solutions.

The rules

Drag and drop letters on top of each other to swap their places, from and to any position on the grid. Solved words will be highlighted, but sometimes you may have to break them in order to solve the whole grid. Feel free to play with the grid and enjoy the word search.

The score

You can compete with other players and your previous achievements on time, number of swaps and the win streak length. Nice thing is that you don’t have to solve a full daily word game completely. Your streak score will be counted in if you build at least one word on the grid.

Are you ready to put your word-forming skills to the test with Smartle?

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