About Smartle

What is Smartle?

Smartle is a word-based puzzle game where you rearrange letters on a 5x5 field to form horizontal 5-letter words. The goal of the game is to find one of the arrangements where each row forms a valid 5-letter word. There are always many possible solutions, but it won't be easy!

Game Modes

Currently there are 2 game modes is Smartle: Daily Challenge & Sprint.

In Daily Challenge all players will be presented with the same unique combination of letters for the particular day. The goal is to solve the puzzle before midnight. You can take your time and do as many moves as you like. Players describe this game mode as relaxing and soothing.

In Sprint mode you have 10 minutes to solve 5 puzzles. The rules are the same, but the time limit pressure will add spiciness for those seeking challenges. This game mode is fast-paced and requires quick thinking and good vocabulary. Also, you can play Sprint as many times as you like, receiving unique puzzles each time you try.

Learning Opportunity

Smartle is a great game for learning words and expanding your vocabulary. During the game, all words that you build during the day, both accidentally or on purpose, will be stored in the Found Words Archive. The archive also can show you the word's definition right inside the game, making it easy and fun to learn new words.

Leaderboard Rankings

Are you a competitive player? Solving the Smartle puzzles is very fun, but it's even more fun to do it together with friends and other Smartle enthusiasts. The Leaderboard feature lets you see how you compare against other players that finished the game. When you play Sprint, you can improve your ranking with each victory. The leaderboard is reset every day at midnight, so every day you have a new chance to get to the top!

So, are you ready to put your word-forming skills to the test with Smartle?

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If you wish to delete your Smartle account, you can do so from the game menu, or you can send your request to games.smartle@gmail.com from the email address of your account.


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