About Smartle

Welcome to Smartle, a word-based puzzle game where you rearrange letters on a 5x5 field to form horizontal 5-letter words.

Your goal is to earn as many stars as possible by forming words across all 5 rows of the field. You can swap any two letters on the field to rearrange them, and multiple valid combinations may be possible. The game is single player, and you can earn up to 5 stars by forming the maximum number of words. If you're able to form 5 words, you'll earn 5 stars. If you can form 4 words, you'll earn 4 stars, and so on. The minimum requirement to earn at least 1 star is to form 1 horizontal word. Once you've reached the maximum number of stars, you're free to explore any additional possible combinations if they exist.

Are you ready to put your word-forming skills to the test with Smartle?

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