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6 Dec 2023

Exciting News: Smartle Just Got Even Smarter!

We've got some cool updates to share. Smartle has levelled up with exciting new features, introducing hints to assist players in overcoming tricky word puzzles and enhancing the display of game stats for a more engaging experience.

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19 Nov 2023

Unlocking Brilliance: The Joys and Perks of Word Games

Hello, word games fans! Do you enjoy playing with letters and solving word puzzles like wordsearch and crosswords? Get ready for a fun journey into the world of word games, where we'll discover some cool things together!

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2 Nov 2023

Winter is coming & fun facts about word puzzles

Word puzzles are one of the most popular online games played daily by young and old alike. The number of people who play word puzzles daily ranges from millions to tens of millions or more, depending on the popularity of word puzzles, season and the variety of platforms and formats they are available in. It is proven that during summer less people engage with word games. During the winter when it’s cold outside and more and more people prefer to stay indoors, the situation changes to the opposite.

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21 Oct 2023

Enhancing Smartle: Time until the next game

Another great improvement in our daily word puzzle game that is already live. As you already know, I am a big fan of user testing. When you are the creator of any product, especially a free word search puzzle it is very easy to merge into your product so much that you don’t know what is missing anymore. It is vital to regularly talk to word search games players to get a reality check.

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7 Oct 2023

Enhancing Smartle: A new improved tutorial

In the world of daily word puzzle games, we want Smartle to stand out as a unique and challenging experience and indeed, it has a unique gameplay which is quite different to all the existing games. With its daily 5x5 letter grid, players go on a quest to rearrange letters and form horizontal 5-letter words. While the word search game offers almost endless opportunities for wordplay and fun, understanding its mechanics is crucial for an enjoyable experience.

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28 Sep 2023

How playing Smartle daily word puzzle improves focus and concentration

A couple of weeks ago we published the article "Why Smartle is actually good for you" where we described different areas of life which are proven to be improved by regularly playing daily word puzzles and crossword and wordsearch games. In that piece we dedicated the whole paragraph to how focus and concentration are improving when a person is searching for specific words and how it is a great skill to have in our multitasking world.

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17 Sep 2023

Meet Jacob: What is on the mind of a daily word puzzle enthusiast

In the world of daily word search games, players come in all shapes and sizes. Today, we bring you a glimpse into the world of Jacob P, one the most dedicated players of Smartle. You can find him on the leaderboard under the proud name of Agile Bat.

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9 Sep 2023

Smartle: How to improve our daily word puzzle game?

In previous blogs we talked about the problems that we had while creating Smartle, our daily word puzzle. We think it’s interesting to openly talk about what we are working on at the moment and to share how we come to a particular decision.

Today we would like to put into the spotlight a challenge which we are yet to solve: how to balance complexity and accessibility of a daily word puzzle game?

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23 Aug 2023

Smartle's journey to discovery: Exploring promotion across platforms

We were thinking about how to get more people to know about Smartle. We noticed that a lot of people who come and try out our daily word puzzle enjoy the game and many even play every day. But how do we get people to discover the game in the first place?

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16 Aug 2023

Unlocking positivity: How daily word puzzles shape your mindset and mood

Playing daily word puzzle games and subconsciously choosing positive words can have a positive impact on your everyday life. Recently we started posting tiktok videos where the first word that a player has formed in their daily word puzzle often reflects their current mood and even can become the “word of the day”. This is no magic.

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5 Aug 2023

Theta-Gamma coupling effect: Boosting cognitive skills through daily word puzzle games

In the area of neuroscience and cognitive research, the phenomenon of "Theta-Gamma Coupling" has been garnering attention due to its potential impact on our cognitive abilities. Additionally, in the modern digital world, engaging in daily word puzzle games like Smartle has become a relatively popular pastime. Surprisingly, these two seemingly unrelated subjects are interconnected, as studies suggest that the mental exercises offered by crossword and wordsearch puzzles may play a role in enhancing the Theta-Gamma Coupling effect, and as a result benefiting our cognitive functions.

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28 Jul 2023

The power of Theta and Gamma waves: How word puzzles like Smartle boost brain health and mental well-being

In our last post we described how playing word puzzles puts the brain in state when it produces Alpha waves, which help to enhance cognitive function, promote relaxation, and improve overall mental clarity. In this article we would like to focus on another profound impact of wordsearch and crossword puzzles on our brains, stimulating the production of essential brainwave frequencies known as Theta and Gamma waves. Let's explore how they benefit our health, mental well-being, and cognitive abilities?

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16 Jul 2023

Finding peace and tranquility: The therapeutic power of word puzzles

Some time ago we posted an article "Why Smartle is actually good for you" about how playing crossword and wordsearch puzzles is beneficial for overall well being. We got quite a lot of reactions for that post and this time we would like to explore more the mental health advantages of playing wordfinder games, the impact on brain waves, and even talk a bit about the intriguing phenomenon of theta-gamma coupling in our future posts.

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7 Jul 2023

The evolution of word puzzle games: from Crosswords to Smartle

The first known crossword puzzle, as we know it today, was created by British journalist Arthur Wynne and was published in the "New York World" newspaper on December 21, 1913. Wynne's puzzle was called a "word-cross" and featured a diamond-shaped grid with simple word clues.

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30 Jun 2023

Enhance your Smartle gameplay: Tips and tricks for word puzzle success

As you already know, Smartle is a daily word puzzle game that presents different challenges every day. The game gives you different letter distributions each day, sometimes you get more vowels or consonants, or an excessive amount of a specific letter, sometimes the playfield would seem just right but the winning solution is eluding. It can be a bit frustrating, but as with almost all wordsearch and crossword puzzles the key is to find a balance and work with what you have. In this post, we'll explore some helpful tips and tricks to enhance your Smartle gameplay. We will list our favorite strategies that we ourselves use daily when solving word puzzles. Let's dive in!

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18 Jun 2023

Why Smartle is actually good for you

We didn't want Smartle to be just another free fun word puzzle for passing the time, but also good for the players. And you know what? It's not just entertaining, but it's also good for your mind and body. While some games might not be well-received by society, word puzzles are in a good place. The more you play, the better it is for you! Here is why playing daily word puzzle games like Smartle can be incredibly beneficial for various reasons.

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10 Jun 2023

Beginning of the blog & How we added a leaderboard to Smartle

Developing a daily word puzzle game is such an exciting adventure! But you know what? It wouldn't be fair to keep it all to ourselves. After all, we've encountered so many interesting situations and challenges along the way. That's why, starting today, we will be posting here about our journey and experiences.

We will start with the story about how we added the leaderboard to our awesome word search game.

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