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7 Reasons why daily word hunt games are amazing

7 Mar 2024

While the Smartle team is working on some great extensions in addition to the daily word puzzle, I would like to remind myself and blog readers what makes word hunt games so cool. They've been around for a long time and lots of people love playing them. Whether you're finding words in a puzzle magazine or on your phone, word hunts are a fun way to challenge your brain, have a good time and have cognitive and mental boost. I’m not even mentioning how useful word games can be to the people who learn English. Here are the 7 points of why daily word puzzle games are amazing.

Ancient Origins

While word hunt games might seem modern, their roots trace back centuries. The concept of searching for hidden words within a grid can be found in ancient manuscripts and inscriptions, showcasing humanity's enduring fascination with puzzles and challenges. In modern days this same concept is implemented in Smartle daily word puzzle.

Cross-Cultural Appeal

Across the globe, word hunt games go by various names and formats, reflecting the diversity of languages and cultures. Whether it's "word searches" in English, "sopa de letras" in Spanish, or "mots cachés" in French, the essence of hunting down words remains a beloved pastime worldwide. While currently we support only English and Ukrainian languages, in the future we are determined to make Smartle puzzle available in Dutch, Spanish and other languages.

Celebrity Status

Believe it or not, word hunt games have earned celebrity endorsements! Notable figures like Queen Elizabeth II and former U.S. President Bill Clinton have publicly expressed their fondness for word puzzles, elevating them from mere games to esteemed pastimes enjoyed by the elite. Who knows, maybe even today as I’m writing these words some celebrity swaps letters in our daily word puzzle.

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Record-Breaking Puzzles

Think you've mastered word hunt games? Think again! The largest word search puzzle ever created contained a staggering 62,500 letters and over 10,000 words, spanning a massive 90 square metres. Talk about a challenge for even the most seasoned puzzle enthusiasts! I wrote about it in some of the previous blog posts but it impressed me so much that I would like to repeat that.

Relaxing Pastime

Daily word puzzles offer a relaxing escape from daily stress. Many people find peace in the process of swapping letters and discovering hidden words, making word puzzles a part of their self-care routine. Engaging in word puzzles is always a relaxing and enjoyable activity. It provides a break from the stresses of daily life and allows the player to unwind while still engaging your brain. Plus, the sense of accomplishment when a player solves a challenging puzzle can boost mood and reduce stress.

Thematic Variations

Now, this is something that we don’t have yet in Smartle daily word puzzle, but word hunt games don't imply that the player plays using all generic words of language vocabulary. Games can come in a myriad of themes, focusing on diverse interests and hobbies. From movie titles and famous landmarks to animal species and culinary delights, there's a word hunt puzzle out there for everyone.

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