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Smartle Word Puzzle Updates: Addressing Sound Feedback and Celebrating Sprint Mode Growth

10 Jul 2024

Today we would like to talk about two different topics related to our Smartle daily word puzzle. First topic is one sound that we got a controversial feedback on. Another one is our observation on how many dedicated players Sprint word hunt mode has gained since its launch.

Regarding the sounds in Smartle Daily word puzzle and Sprint word hunt game. There is no doubt that the decision to add more sounds to our online word game was the right move. Needles to say that all the best free word hunt games online have carefully selected sound sets in them. We also got lot's of requests from players to add additional sounds and for existing media we got only the positive feedback. Especially for when the player wins the word hunt game, there is this distinct sound of fireworks which is loved by a lot of word hunters. By the way, did you know that Smartle word puzzle has an Easter Egg in it? After you win the word game, and click on the stars above the playing field, the fireworks are launched once again and will be launched everytime you do so.

Now, we have one sound that got not so positive feedback from one player. Everytime user picks up the letter we have a sound of pick up added so that it would be obvious that something has happened and that user action was successful. Some time ago we got a feedback from our dedicated player that this new sound has become quite distracting for them. They mentioned that they really like to have the sound of letters swap which was there from the very beginning. They also enjoyed all other new sounds in the Smartle word puzzle except this one. When trying to play super fast and optimize for the time played, it has become quite annoying for them because if you swap letters really fast then the sounds of letter pick up and letter swap will be very fast one after another and can even overlap. For now, the best solution that we came up with for this problem is to have the volume of letter-pick-up sound to decrease when the speed of letter swapping increases. We haven't implemented it in the word game yet, but hope to do so soon.

We would be glad to hear what do you think about this sound in our word hunt game, as well as any other feedback. Please, join our Discord channel and let's chat about how we can possibly improve Smartle word puzzle game.

The other topic that we would like to bring up in this blog is rather positive observation about Smartle word hunt game modes. We already have two gaming modes for some time. While a lot of people enjoy daily word puzzle every day, there are much less people who regulary play Sprint mode. However, in absolute numbers it is a huge number.

Even in our most optimistic dreams we couldn't imagine that so many people would like to play Sprint mode each day. Why? Because Smartle Daily word game is already incredibly complex and not everyone can play it. Only the small percent of the people can understand the rules of the game, let alone, play and win it. It is hard, but at least players have the whole day to try create different words and eventually win. Sprint word hunt mode makes it 100x more complex. Because playes has only 10 minutes to complete it. This requires top notch skills. Can you guess how many players play it daily? Two hundred! This is incredible number and we wanted to thank everyone who played Smartle. Nothing makes a creator happier than seeing that people are using their creation. So thank you once again for playing Smartle Daily word puzzle and Sprint word hunt game or maybe even both of them!

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