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Gamification in Smartle Daily Word Game: is it even possible?

12 Jan 2024

Word puzzle games have long evolved beyond traditional paper-and-pencil formats, leveraging technology to offer immersive experiences. In this digital era, one key element that has significantly enhanced the player experience is gamification. But can you gamify the game itself? Can we even talk about gamification in word puzzle games taking into account that word puzzle is a game already.

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The Essence of Gamification

What is gamification? Gamification by definition is something that involves integrating game-like elements into non-game contexts to increase user engagement and participation. If we try to apply this to the word puzzle games, it should translate into incorporating features that go beyond solving puzzles, creating a more dynamic and rewarding environment for players than the puzzle itself.


One of the cornerstones of gamification in Smartle daily word puzzle leaderboard. Players can see how their performance stacks up against others and have a healthy and fun competition. The competitive aspect adds a layer of motivation, encouraging players to improve their skills.

Daily Word Puzzle

Daily word games introduce an element of freshness and variety to the gameplay. Smartle keeps players coming back by offering unique word puzzles each day, ensuring that the experience remains dynamic. This approach not only maintains player interest but also establishes a routine, turning gameplay into a daily habit. Which is also proven to be beneficial for brain health and mental well being.

Reward System

In the near future we plan to incorporate a reward system to acknowledge players' achievements. Whether it's completing a streak of solved daily word puzzles, reaching a milestone on the leaderboard, or unlocking special achievements, players will be rewarded for their efforts. This not only boosts motivation but also provides a sense of accomplishment.

Community Engagement

Beyond individual achievements, we soon will introduce an amazing feature where players can collaborate and solve daily word games together. As for now we have our active Discord channel where players can interact, share tips, and discuss solving challenging word puzzles. We really hope that this social aspect will enhance the overall gaming experience, making it more than just a solo gaming.

Impact on Smartle Daily Word Puzzle

Future plans are in the future but even with the implementation of the current gamification elements in Smartle has resulted in a notable increase in player engagement. The dynamic challenges, coupled with the competitive and social aspects, create an ecosystem where players are not just solving puzzles but actively participating in something bigger.

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Adding gamification elements to the daily word puzzle has proven to be a game-changer. Smartle's approach to leaderboards, daily challenges, and reward systems shows how these features can transform the gaming experience, making it more engaging and motivating for players. And we really hope that our future improvements will make it even better.