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Big update: Sprint Mode in Smartle Daily Word Puzzle

22 Apr 2024

In this blogpost we are happy to announce the huge update in the Smartle daily word puzzle. We introduced a completely new word hunt game mode called Sprint. The existing Daily Word Puzzle game stays unchanged except that we gave it some nice design updates.

A lot of players were requesting to have more than one free word game to play per day. That made us think, "How can we add more word hunt puzzles and still keep it fun and challenging?”. It seemed quite boring to us to move away from the concept of a unique daily word puzzle. That’s how after a lot of thoughts and considerations we have decided to introduce a completely new word hunt game mode: Sprint.

So what is a Sprint? The gameplay is exactly the same as in the daily word puzzle. The goal is however different. To win the Sprint players must complete not one but five word search games in 10 minutes. Quite challenging and exciting, right? To be honest, even for us - game creators it sometimes takes several attempts to win a Sprint.

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Players get three hints per Sprint, meaning per 5 word hunt puzzles. It is also possible to make a break in between each of the word games in Sprint. Meaning that the time will not be running down until the player decides to start playing the next game in Sprint. Break can be as long as the player would like. It’s possible to complete all 5 word games in Sprint in one go, or stretch out 5 Sprint games throughout the whole day.

What if you have successfully solved all word puzzles in the Sprint? No need to wait till the next day to play once more. Just click “Play Again” and you will get a new round of Smartle Word Puzzle game sprint.

What happens if the ten minutes is up and you haven’t solved all 5 puzzles yet? You can replay Sprint mode as many times as you want to. Each time it will be a new letters combination and each Sprint you will get three hints to use.

With the addition of the Sprint mode we also updated our word puzzle Leaderboard and extended Personal Records scoring. In the Leaderboard you now will find two tabs. One for the Daily word puzzle and another one for the Sprint word puzzle. Both game modes are scored by time, number of swaps and streak. We felt that it would be fair to not combine all of it together and keep it separate.

Personal Records on the other hand combine both game modes. It now has following categories:

The most consecutive days the player played Daily word puzzle or Sprint. Doesn’t matter which. For example if you play today the Daily word puzzle and next day you play Sprint, your longest play streak will be two. Both modes count!

The least time it took the player to solve one word hunt puzzle. Doesn’t matter in Daily or in Sprint mode.

The least swaps you made to win one puzzle. Again, mode doesn’t matter.

The largest amount of unique words you have found during one day in Daily and Sprint mode combined.

Number of days you have played Smartle Word Puzzle. That’s our favourite one. We really hate the pressure that streaks give. You have a nice streak, then you miss one day and you go back to the start. That can be annoying. What really matters is how many days in total has a player played. It doesn’t matter if they missed a day or two along the way.

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