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Daily Word Puzzle Leaderboard: Updates & Tips

17 March 2024

In our latest update to the Smartle daily word puzzle, we've introduced a new feature to our leaderboard. Now, when you check out the list of players who have won word hunt today, the top three spots will be marked with prestigious trophy cups – gold, silver, and bronze 🏆

As many of you are aware, Smartle word hunt game doesn't have any leagues; instead, Smartle's leaderboard showcases an endless list of all players who successfully completed the word puzzle for the day.

Currently leaderboard offers insights into winners' performances across three key dimensions.


See how today's daily word puzzle champions stack up against each other based on how quickly they completed the puzzle. The shorter the time, the higher the rank.

Suggestions for Scoring Best on Time

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Discover who managed to solve the word hunt game with the fewest swaps. Less swapping means a better position on the leaderboard.

Suggestions for Scoring Best on Swaps


Track daily word game players' streaks – the consecutive days they've won in the word puzzle. This suits players who don’t really like to hurry or overthink their swaps, and instead just enjoy the word hunt game itself.

Suggestions for Maintaining a Winning Streak

In the future we are considering adding leagues to our leaderboard, so that word hunt players in those leagues can see how they are scoring against each other. We think it could be very motivating for the players and also can create a bigger sense of community. This is the future plans, but we also wanted to make some improvements quickly. And we think that we have found the right first step. The recognition of the first three places in all leaderboard dimensions is a good way to highlight the achievements of the word hunt game players who are the first ones among the thousands of players playing word puzzle daily.

Keep playing our daily word puzzle, keep winning, and aim for those top spots on the leaderboard!

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