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New sounds in the Smartle Daily Word Puzzle and Sprint

24 Jun 2024

By default there is a sound on in the Smartle daily word puzzle. We think sounds are often that one distinctive feature that separates best free word games from the regular ones. While we love sound in the free word games that we play, in our own word puzzle game Smartle not all events are accompanied by audios. Here is what players of Smartle word hunt have today in terms of sounds:

There is a sound of letters swapping. Every time a player swaps letters to form a word, there is a distinct sound. We love this sound. We think it makes solving Daily word puzzle almost a meditative experience and also removes anxiety to some extent when playing Sprint.

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Another sound that we currently have is the winning chime. When a player wins the daily word puzzle game, they hear the sound of exploding fireworks and see amazing animation. When a player wins the Sprint, they have a cheering applause from the audience. We don’t have a sound for losing the Daily because it’s kind of impossible to lose. The word hunt game will switch to a new word puzzle once the time turns midnight. There is however a sound when the player didn’t manage to solve the Sprint in 10 minutes. There is a booing and disappointed crowd. A bit harsh maybe, but we think our users read the irony of this.

The one last sound that is present today is when a player correctly creates a word in the daily word game or sprint. Of course the word also turns green on the play board, and we feel that the audio that plays while this happens makes a perfect match.

That’s all that we have for now. While we are satisfied with it, we think it’s merely not enough for the immersive game experience. That’s why we decided to add more sounds in our word puzzle. Here is what we would like to add:

We really hope that all the sounds that we will add to the Smartle daily puzzle will be a great improvement and will make the playing experience even more enjoyable.

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