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Game Update: Adding Sounds to Your Word Adventures!

19 Dec 2023

We're here with another exciting update that's about to add a musical twist to Smartle daily word puzzle adventures. Smartle just introduced sounds into the mix, turning your wordplay into an even more meditative experience. And we think it’s also super important to mention that all changes described in this and previous blogs are relevant for Smartle free word games for Android and iOS.

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Harmony in Every Swap as You Solve Word Puzzles! 🎶

Did you know that certain sounds have the power to shape our cognitive functions and emotional well-being? It's not just about hearing; it's about how our brain processes audio stimuli. Studies suggest that the right sounds can enhance concentration, boost creativity, and even induce a sense of calmness. This phenomenon is known as the "Mozart effect," where listening to classical music, especially compositions by Mozart, has been linked to temporary improvements in reasoning skills.

Well, now the next time you're solving word puzzles in Smartle with its new soothing sounds, you're not just playing a game but enhancing your cognitive potential for the whole day ahead.

Picture this: You make those clever swaps between letters, and instead of just seeing it, you hear a gentle "drop" sound, turning every move into a relaxing rhythm. It's the small things that transform your word puzzle game solving into a meditative, ASMR-infused journey, adding an extra layer of calm to your gameplay. The moment we tried it we knew that’s the right feature to add. It was a really calming experience and also addicting in a good way.

When you win the word puzzle game, filling the 5x5 field with 5-letter words, Smartle treats you to the sound of winning—a burst of virtual fireworks, turning your victory into a meditative celebration. And of course we kept our existing burst of firework stars at the top of the game field.

Of course we are all different and even recent scientific studies show that different people need different noises or silence to properly concentrate and get into the meditative flow. So in case your preference to solving free word games is complete silence, you can switch all sounds off in the settings. Head to the top left menu and turn the volume on or off, whatever is needed for you to let the serenity in.

We're absolutely stoked about this meditative addition, and we can't wait to hear your thoughts as you solve word puzzles! Does the "drop" sound create a serene rhythm for your swaps? Did the fireworks turn your victory into a peaceful celebration? What are your favourite sounds for relaxation and concentration? Would you like to add the soothing melody to the Smartle game? So that it would be playing all the time in the background? Share your feedback, it means a world to us!

Stay tuned for more updates and let the soothing sounds transform your Smartle experience into a relaxing adventure!

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P.S. Enjoy Smartle's on the go with our free word games for Android and iOS! Play wherever you are and let the sounds that we added to Smartle enhance your word puzzle solving journey. 📱