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Enhancing Smartle: A new improved tutorial

7 Oct 2023

In the world of daily word puzzle games, we want Smartle to stand out as a unique and challenging experience and indeed, it has a unique gameplay which is quite different to all the existing games. With its daily 5x5 letter grid, players go on a quest to rearrange letters and form horizontal 5-letter words. While the word search game offers almost endless opportunities for wordplay and fun, understanding its mechanics is crucial for an enjoyable experience.

In the past, our tutorial aimed to introduce players to Smartle's gameplay. We aimed that the tutorial would be the place where you would enter the game and the leaderboard would be the point of exit. After the tutorial being live for a couple of months we got feedback from the Smartle players and it became clear that the old tutorial fell short in providing a comprehensive understanding of the challenging word search puzzle. Today, we're excited to introduce you to our updated tutorial, designed to guide players through every aspect of Smartle, ensuring that they are ready to tackle the daily word puzzles with confidence.

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The old tutorial: A missed opportunity

Previously, our tutorial offered a glimpse into the game's mechanics with a simple interactive demonstration. It featured just two 5-letter words, leaving out the complexity of the 5x5 grid. While it helped with basic understanding, it didn't fully convey the essence of Smartle. It didn’t answer the main question: how to solve word puzzles fully?

One of the key issues with the old tutorial was that it didn't showcase the 5x5 letter grid, which is the heart of Smartle's gameplay. This led to confusion among players about the game's layout and structure. Also the tutorial didn't emphasize that letters could be rearranged in any direction, which is a fundamental aspect of the game. It was not clear that any two letters on the field could be swapped, which resulted in initial confusion for some players.

Because Smartle gameplay is quite different from other wordsearch and crossword puzzles, sometimes, after forming a 5-letter word, players weren't aware that they could continue to rearrange letters to potentially create better words. The old tutorial was suggesting that they will win after creating 2 words.

Introducing the improved tutorial

Recognizing the need for a more intuitive and comprehensive intro into our daily word puzzle game, we've completely redesigned the Smartle tutorial from the ground up. Our goal was to provide an experience that mirrors actual gameplay, allowing you to dive into the word search game with a clear understanding of its mechanics.

Now, when you start the tutorial, you'll be presented with the full 5x5 letter grid, just like in a real game. You'll be interactively guided through an entire trial game, from start to finish, mimicking the actual word finder game experience. Players will not have to guess how the game works; the tutorial is showing everything. From swapping letters to forming words and making your moves. We hope that by the time the user completes the tutorial, they'll be fully equipped to tackle the Smartle daily word puzzles and get those 5 stars.

Smartle endless journey

We're committed to make Smartle the best free word search puzzle game with constant enhancing gameplay experience. Improving the tutorial is one step of this journey. We believe that understanding the game is the first step toward mastery, and our new tutorial ensures that.

We're excited to have you join us on this journey, and we can't wait to see you achieve daily word search greatness!

Get started today, and remember: Smartle journey begins with a single word 🙂