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Smartle - a daily word puzzle for who?

5 Jan 2024

Do you like to solve word puzzles and can never get enough? There are so many online word games, but finding the perfect daily word puzzle that has the right balance between challenge and enjoyment can be quite difficult. If we add to our demands that the word puzzle should be also free, finding a good one becomes an even harder task.

If you're a fan of engaging word games like the Blossom word game on Merriam-Webster, the Waffle daily word puzzle, or the famous Wordle, chances are you will love Smartle. Also even if you have never heard of the games mentioned but you find fascination in word play, anagrams and daily word puzzles we highly recommend giving Smartle a try. You will probably love it.

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If you love playing Quordle, you'll also find a smooth and enjoyable transition to Smartle. Both games share the excitement of rearranging letters to create words. Smartle is perfect for those who enjoy the mental challenge of anagrams and the satisfaction of using letters to discover hidden words. The difference is that in Smartle you drag and drop letters to form a word and in Quordle you uncover letters of the word.

I wanted to finish this article with something that we rarely discussed before but which is the core of the Smartle game: anagrams.

One of our favorite anagrams are words "Listen" and "Silent". A classic example of an anagram, it beautifully illustrates the inherent charm of anagrams by rearranging the same set of letters to create two words with completely opposite meanings. If you were to create one of those in Smartle it would make no difference which one you choose because the letters are the same. However, the meaning would really reflect your inner state and priorities in a given moment.

Another funny anagram pair is "A Decimal Point" and "I'm a Dot in Place": Anagrams often reveal hidden meanings or add a touch of humor. This arrangement not only preserves the letters but also imparts a whimsical perspective on the role of a decimal point in the numerical landscape. It showcases how anagrams can be both linguistically intriguing and conceptually creative.

An additional layer of complexity and creativity comes into play when combining anagrams with ambigrams. Ambigrams are words or phrases that can be read from different perspectives, often upside down or mirrored. Combining these two linguistic phenomena can result in truly mind-bending wordplay. Imagine an anagram that not only rearranges letters to form new words but also retains its readability when flipped or inverted. This fusion of anagrams and ambigrams adds an extra dimension to the art of word manipulation, showcasing the versatility and endless possibilities inherent in language play.

While we find this thought extremely intriguing, we have our doubts about creating such a game because it seems too heavy and complex. And we would like to stay in a realm of casual relaxing daily word games. Do you think the same? Or shall we give it a try?

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