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Smartle's journey to discovery: Exploring promotion across platforms

23 Aug 2023

We were thinking about how to get more people to know about Smartle. We noticed that a lot of people who come and try out our daily word puzzle enjoy the game and many even play every day. But how do we get people to discover the game in the first place?

I would like to share different approaches that we tried and to sum up how effective or ineffective they turned out to be for us. The best scenario of course would be that people who look for free online word puzzle games would somehow magically appear on our page and give Smartle a try. This is, of course, very unlikely to happen.

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I find it very calming and inspiring to start my day with a motivation word search. It helps me to set my mood for the day and stay motivated and positive all day through. I thought why not share this positivity with other people. So I started recording my daily word search games and posting it on TikTok. It turned out to be a very successful approach. I have only 10 followers, which is very very little, but one of my videos reached more than 2000 views and gained hundreds of likes.


This was the second most successful place to share my Smartle solutions. I quickly realised that it is super important to be specific on Instagram and simultaneously very concise. It was crucial to specify that Smartle is a daily word puzzle of 5 letters. When I forgot to mention it, I got a lot of questions from the followers about the size of the grid, gameplay and the leaderboard.


On Medium I received most of the feedback. It was an amazing feeling to see that people who I don’t even know personally liked the game. While Instagram and TikTok are focusing on the visual side of things, Medium provided a platform for me to dive deeper into the journey of Smartle's creation, discussing the process, challenges, and the joy it brings. There I also shared best strategies on how to solve word puzzles. I found several studies that show how daily word puzzle games have therapeutic effects, improve our wellbeing, motivation and mental health. The written format allowed for more detailed insights and connected me with a broader audience interested in not just playing the game, but understanding its story.

Twitter / X

X appeared to be one of the best places to engage with our users. Talking to the players and getting feedback helped us to ensure that a playing field of 5 letters is the optimal size for the daily wordsearch and crossword puzzle. 4 letters would be too easy making the game not challenging and 6x6 grid would make the game too hard to complete with maximum stars. Daily word puzzle of 5 letters has been confirmed to be the optimal for our existing players.

In the end, it's a journey of trial and error. As we continue to explore avenues for sharing Smartle, we're reminded that every like, view, and comment is a step towards making people's life not only more fun but also healthier with Smartle daily word puzzle. The process of getting discovered is an ongoing adventure that we're excited to undertake, step by step. And we will make sure to share our progress with you.

We are always open for your feedback and tips. Let us know how we can let the world know about Smartle better on our Discord server.

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