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Exciting News: Smartle Just Got Even Smarter!

6 Dec 2023

We've got some cool updates to share. Smartle has levelled up with exciting new features, introducing hints to assist players in overcoming tricky word puzzles and enhancing the display of game stats for a more engaging experience. Players can now access hints for that elusive word or challenging moment, with the added bonus of hints accumulating for later use if skipped.

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The game's complexity remains a unique feature, attracting intelligent players who appreciate a good brain workout. Additionally, the introduction of short advertisements supports Smartle's sustainability, unlocking daily hints and contributing to the game's continued growth.

Updated Main Screen

We've given our game interface a little makeover. Now, on the left side of your Smartle game field you'll find your current game stats. Time spent in today’s word puzzle, current number of swaps, and current win streak – all right in the front, where you can keep an eye on your benchmarks.

Hints Are Here to Save the Day! 🚀

If you ever played Smartle daily word puzzle, you probably felt stuck from time to time. We've all been there. I myself often don’t finish the puzzle fully and leave it after solving 3 or 4 words. I have no patience to fully complete the game especially when I see the “stuck” hint below the game field.

To tackle this we added a quite obvious tool to players arsenal – hints! Now, when you're scratching your head over that last tricky word or find yourself stuck and unsure which word would be the best to break, just hit the hint button, and voilà! Smartle will do the detective work for you, finding and building the word. If you are in a “stuck” mode, the game will automatically disassemble the most beneficial word to break and will create 2 new words on the game field. How cool is that?

There is also the catch – you get one hint per day. We thought a lot about that and had quite heated discussions but in the end, giving too much hints would break the vibe of Smartle daily word puzzle. We think that the complexity of Smartle is one of its unique features which attracts more intelligent players.

The best part regarding hints – if you're feeling on top of your word game and skip a hint, it doesn't vanish into thin air. It stacks up for the next day(s) and you can use it whenever you feel like it. It's like saving up for a rainy day, but way more fun.

Supporting Smartle's Playground

Another important thing regarding the hints is that to unlock your daily hint, a short advertisement will be your ticket to word-solving assistance. It's a small trade-off that helps us cover costs and keep the Smartle game website live and thriving. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making Smartle an even better daily word puzzle game.

Enjoy the Smarter Smartle!

With hints in your toolkit and revamped game stats at your fingertips, we're excited for you to dive into the smarter Smartle. We genuinely hope these improvements add a dash of joy to your word-solving adventures. Your feedback means the world to us, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts. Here's to more brainy fun in the upgraded Smartle universe! 🎉

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