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Enhancing Smartle: Time until the next game

21 Oct 2023

Another great improvement in our daily word puzzle game that is already live. As you already know, I am a big fan of user testing. When you are the creator of any product, especially a free word search puzzle it is very easy to merge into your product so much that you don’t know what is missing anymore. It is vital to regularly talk to word search games players to get a reality check. It is a crucial step for any product that needs improvement.

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Two days ago I talked to a friend who (luckily) is a huge fan of Smartle word puzzle. Even though he regularly plays Smartle, he was not sure when the next daily word puzzle would be available. That was a surprise for me, I thought it was obvious that a new game begins at 00:00 every day. Isn’t it?

I reached out to several more players with a single question: what is your expectation when you finish the Smartle daily word puzzle? 7 out of 6 users said that they were waiting for a new word puzzle to appear the next day but were not sure when exactly it would happen. They kept refreshing the page from time to time and were quite surprised when after midnight they got a new daily word puzzle. Another 5 players mentioned that it was so unclear when they could play again that they started to search for other free word search puzzles to play online.

Once again we found a way to improve Smartle so that it can be the best word puzzle game. After realising what the problem is, the solution became obvious. We added a timer which shows how much time is left till the new daily word puzzle game.

We had two options here. One is to show a timer only after the player successfully completes the game and second is to always show the timer.

We decided to go with the second option because we wanted to enhance the overall player experience. By displaying the timer right from the start, we were not only addressing the concerns of our dedicated players but also ensuring that new users knew exactly when to expect their next daily word challenge.

With the timer in place, there's no more guessing or late-night page refreshes. This small change has already turned out to make a significant impact. Players now can seamlessly integrate Smartle daily word puzzle into their daily routines, making it a part of their day, just like a morning coffee or evening jog.

So far, the feedback from our players was overwhelmingly positive. They loved the predictability and the daily anticipation of a new word puzzle. It felt like they were part of a global community, all waiting for the same moment each day.

Not only did we address the core issue by adding the timer, but we also want to use this as an opportunity to connect with our players. That’s why we share our process with you, showcasing how your feedback had a direct impact on improving the game.

So, what's the lesson learned here? Listening to your users and keeping an open line of communication can lead to remarkable insights and improvements. It's not just about fixing what's broken; it's about making a great experience even better. In our journey to create the best word puzzle game, we've learned that understanding our users and adapting to their needs is the key to success.

As we continue to evolve Smartle, we're excited to explore more ways to enhance your daily word search experience. Your feedback and support are what keep us inspired and motivated to do better.

The next daily word puzzle is just around the corner, and this time, you'll know exactly when it arrives. Stay tuned!

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