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Subtle changes that make a big difference for a daily word puzzle

22 Feb 2024

We added one subtle improvement to the Smartle daily word puzzle. We believe this small change makes a big difference because it elevates the whole word hunt gameplay. One crucial thing in word puzzle games is how smooth animations are and how good the feeling from the whole experience in general.

We hope you love and use hints from time to time. Sometimes when word hunt takes too much effort it’s really nice to get help from word search tips, which will create a word for you. Previously when you applied the hint game would silently swap necessary letters to form a word. You would not really see them moving, letters being swapped would only be highlighted.There was also no sound.

This has changed with the latest release. The hints are now animated and have sound. Now, when you activate a hint, you'll see the letters dynamically rearranging themselves on the board, as if someone else was solving a word puzzle on the other end of the screen. This not only makes the process more visually engaging but also provides clearer feedback on which letters are swapped.

We were thinking, are there any other sounds that would make solving daily word puzzles an even more enjoyable experience?

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Another improvement for our daily word puzzle game is the possibility to copy word definitions. In the previous posts we described that now we have a “created words archive” where you can see the daily history of your word hunt: the complete list of words that you have created during the current game. Word archive comes in handy in situations where you want to break down the words that you created during your game, but you would like to still remember them, maybe re-use. The copy function allows you to share word definitions with your friends or copy-paste and save for yourself.

For our future plans we're considering incorporating a feature that allows players to customize their word game settings. This could include options to adjust the difficulty level, choose specific word categories, or personalize the appearance of the game board and interface. We believe that providing players with more control over their gaming experience will make Smartle word hunt even more enjoyable and engaging.

Additionally, we're exploring the possibility of introducing multiplayer functionality to the Smartle word puzzle game. Imagine being able to challenge your friends or compete against other players in real-time word puzzle matches. This multiplayer mode could include features such as live chat, leaderboards, and special tournaments. It is a lot of work from our side, so it will take some time. But we truly believe that the effort is worth it.

With so many exciting ideas in the pipeline, it's challenging for us to decide which features to prioritize next. That's why we value your feedback and suggestions. We invite you to join our Discord channel and share your thoughts on what you'd like to see as a next feature of our daily word puzzle. Your input plays a crucial role in shaping the direction of our game, and we're hoping to hear from you. Join us on Discord and let's continue this journey together!

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