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Enhance your Smartle gameplay: Tips and tricks for word puzzle success

30 Jun 2023

As you already know, Smartle is a daily word puzzle game that presents different challenges every day. The game gives you different letter distributions each day, sometimes you get more vowels or consonants, or an excessive amount of a specific letter, sometimes the playfield would seem just right but the winning solution is eluding. It can be a bit frustrating, but as with almost all wordsearch and crossword puzzles the key is to find a balance and work with what you have. In this post, we'll explore some helpful tips and tricks to enhance your Smartle gameplay. We will list our favorite strategies that we ourselves use daily when solving word puzzles. Let's dive in! Of course, the list below is written with english words puzzle in mind but most of the tips can apply to any language.

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1. Balance is the key to everything

Each day Smartle brings a unique challenging word search puzzle with varying letter distributions. Sometimes there will be more vowels than consonants, and other times it'll be the other way around. Some days you will come across an excessive amount of a specific letter. This can be quite annoying. The key is to find a balance and work with what you have. If there is too much of some letter try using it as much as possible from your very first words. This will make the gameplay even all the way through.

2. Use the hardest letters first

Letters as J, X, Q, and Z make the fewest appearances in texts. It gets increasingly difficult to form words with these letters as you progress. The best strategy would be to focus on creating words with these letters from the start, while you have a wider selection of letter tiles on the board. When there will be only 1 or 2 words left to complete the game it will be much easier to create them from the more common letters, such as vowels A, E, I, O, U and consonants like C, S, N, M, T, and H.

3. Make plural words

One of our personal favorite tricks is to transform a 4-letter word into a 5-letter word by making it plural. For example, COAT can become COATS by simply adding the letter S. The availability of the letter S will vary from day to day, so keep this trick in mind as you play. Some daily challenges can benefit from it more than the others. This trick is super popular and can come handy in other puzzles and word games too.

4. Experiment with different combinations

Word finding puzzle games (l) are a great way to challenge and improve your vocabulary. In Smartle, there's usually more than one correct solution to each puzzle, which is part of its beauty. Try different combinations and iterate on your word formations. Explore various arrangements until you find a way to fill the entire field with words. Get creative and see what works best for you. Letter puzzle games require you to find and correctly spell the words. Sometimes you can guess the correct word just by randomly swapping the letters. In cases like this you are in double luck. You got the part of the word puzzle solved and also learned a new word.

5. Utilize in-game hints

If you're stuck with only two rows remaining to solve and you don't see a warning message stating that it's impossible to complete, it means there's still at least one possibility to resolve the daily word puzzle. Take advantage of this hint and keep searching for the right word combinations. We're also considering adding positive hints in the future, informing players when there are solutions available with the current state of the puzzle. It’s not really typical for a word hunt puzzle game to have such kind of hints but we think it can really elevate the gaming experience.

In case you do happen to see the message that the game cannot be solved with remaining letters, use this hint: instead of completely taking apart a completed word, try substituting one letter in it with one of the remaining letters in a way that keeps it a valid word, for example COUCH to VOUCH, this will give you a chance to get into a situation where the remaining letters are sufficient to solve the daily word puzzle game with just one swap.

Remember, Smartle is all about having fun while challenging your word-forming skills. Do you have your own best practices when it comes to wordsearch and crossword puzzles? Would you prefer easy words search games or hard ones? We'd be interested to hear all about it on our Discord server!

Go play today's game of Smartle and try out what you've learned!