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Enhancing Smartle's Word Hunt Game: Scoring and Future Improvements

8 Jun 2024

In this blog post we would like to talk about how we calculate the score for the Smartle word hunt game. We would like to reflect on the current state of things and outline how we plan to change it in the near future. All changes that we bring to the word hunt game are made with one thing in mind - ensure that Smartle remains one of the best word games free to play online.

At present, Smartle has several separate leaderboards to track player performance. One for daily word puzzle mode and one for Sprint mode. For both we have leaderboards that are ranked by time, by the number of swaps made, and by streak length. The leaderboard by time measures how quickly the player solved the daily word puzzle or all 5 games in Sprint. The swaps leaderboard tracks the number of letter swaps a player makes to complete a daily word game, encouraging strategic thinking and planning. And the streak leaderboard lists players who consistently solve either daily puzzle or Sprint day after day. Play Smartle word hunt in any mode every day and soon you’ll see yourself on the top rows of streak leaderboard.

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We don’t have an overall score on the Smartle word puzzle located on, but we actually already have it on partner sites where our daily word puzzle is also published. And while it’s interesting to see how players rank across different metrics, we believe that introducing a general score that reflects overall performance will be a great enhancement to Smartle game hosted at our own domain as well.

We imagine that the new overall score leaderboard should take into account existing score dimensions that we talked about above: time, number of swaps and streak. And in addition to it we want to add some other, new factors that would influence scoring.

For example, we would like to give more scores to users who solved daily word puzzle or Sprint and haven’t used any hints, or used less hints that were available. Additionally we would like to award players not only for the streak but also how many days overall has they played a Smartle word hunt game. Because if you think about it, a streak is great, but what if you are a dedicated player and played 100 consecutive days, but then something happened on the day 101 and you skipped a game? Now you need several months to get back to where you were with your streak. This always seemed to us a little bit unfair. That’s why we really want to reward the total days played, no matter the streak or not.

Another thing which will positively affect the total score is the amount of words found over the day. In the end the main goal of the word hunt game is to make words. The more words found, the higher the score should be. Sounds logical, but it’s rarely implemented even in the free best word games. We often notice that this is ignored, especially in online word games.

We really hope that these upcoming changes would make our Smartle word hunt game even better. It’s always interesting to look back at the achievements and the progress as well as to see how you compare to other players in the game. We will be very grateful for any feedback from your side. And with your help we will make Smartle the best free word game ever.

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