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Unlocking positivity: How daily word puzzles shape your mindset and mood

16 Aug 2023

Playing daily word puzzle games and subconsciously choosing positive words can have a positive impact on your everyday life. Recently we started posting tiktok videos where the first word that a player has formed in their daily word puzzle often reflects their current mood and even can become the “word of the day”. This is no magic. It’s just when we are in a good mood we tend to focus ourselves on good things and when we are feeling down we notice negative things and negative words around us. It also works in the opposite direction. “Fake till you make it” is proven to work that way. If we consciously choose to focus on the positive things our mood really improves.

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Below we listed several ways how playing free online word puzzle games can help to boost your mood and attitude.

  1. Visualization: Engaging in crossword and wordsearch puzzles stimulates your creativity and imagination. As you mentally manipulate letters and words, you exercise your brain's visualization capabilities, making it easier to create vivid mental images of achieving your goals during goal-setting and visualization exercises.
  2. Affirmations: Daily word puzzles often involve searching for and identifying positive words. Subconsciously choosing positive words during gameplay can reinforce a positive mindset, making it more natural to use positive affirmations in your daily life. Your unconscious mind will gradually assimilate these positive words and beliefs, contributing to a more optimistic outlook and boosting your confidence in reaching your goals.
  3. Goal Setting: Playing easy word search games can improve your cognitive abilities and mental clarity. This mental agility translates into better focus and organization when setting clear and achievable goals. Additionally, the cognitive benefits gained from word puzzles can help in breaking down complex goals into manageable steps.
  4. Hypnosis and Meditation: Wordfinder games can induce a state of mindfulness and flow, similar to meditation. When you are deeply immersed in solving a puzzle, your conscious mind becomes more relaxed, allowing easier access to the unconscious mind. This state of relaxation can facilitate self-hypnosis or meditation, making it easier to connect with your unconscious mind for goal-oriented programming. We described these effects more in detail in our previous series of posts on the impact of word games on your brain.
  5. Use Positive Language: Word finding puzzle games can influence your language choices, as you repeatedly encounter and search for positive words. Over time, this subconscious exposure to positive language patterns can lead to a more optimistic vocabulary and communication style, reinforcing positive self-talk and affirmations.
  6. Repetition: Regularly playing challenging word search puzzles means repeated exposure to positive words and mental exercises. This repetition strengthens neural connections associated with positivity and problem-solving, enhancing the effectiveness of the techniques used to access the unconscious mind.
  7. Emotional Alignment: Engaging in enjoyable activities can evoke positive emotions and a sense of achievement when completing them. When you find one of the 5 words in Smartle daily word puzzle, your brain releases a little bit of dopamine and your mood improves a bit. The positive emotions associated with puzzles and word games can be linked to your goal-setting process, benefiting emotional alignment with your objectives and increasing motivation.
  8. Gratitude Practice: Crossword and wordsearch puzzles can encourage gratitude by focusing on the enjoyment and satisfaction of completing each of the 5 words of the daily word puzzle. As you practice gratitude in one area of your life, it becomes easier to extend this practice to other aspects, including progress made towards your goals.

Incorporating word puzzle games and consciously choosing positive words can be a fun and effective way to enhance the techniques mentioned above. By engaging in these activities, you can further empower your unconscious mind to support and guide you towards achieving your goals with a positive and focused mindset.

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